Find here the answers to the main questions about our platform

Who can register with zaigar and earn cryptocurrencies?
Everyone from any country in the world can participate in zaigar, as long as there are no specific laws in their country that forbid this practice. we recommend that everyone should be over 16 years old.
I earned cryptocurrencies, now what?
You can take advantage of them in the way that suits you, among the options, in addition to waiting for their valuation, you can exchange for another cryptocurrency.
How much can i earn with my efforts at zaigar?
With zaigar constant expansion, numerous campaigns are active at this very moment and their gains are proportional to the estimated values in each one.
What is a valid user?
It is the one who has already registered in any of the available campaigns and linked at least 1 social network with photo.
Does zaigar limit the earnings of users of the platform?
Users can participate in all the actions offered. just as zaigar does not limit the number of campaigns one can participate in, it does not limit the number of coins and digital tokens that the user earns.
Is zaigar offering jobs to its users?
Zaigar connects blockchain and cryptocurrency projects that rewards those involved in varied marketing and expansion actions with digital coins or tokens. users choose whether and on what terms they will accept the proposal for the projects and how to work on them. everything in an absolutely free and autonomous way. it is up to the user to decide how much time to devote to completing tasks. therefore, there is no labor relationship of any nature between the interested party and zaigar.