These Terms and Usages regulate the use of the service of Internet portal zaigar.com; zaiga.io; zaigar.tech; zaigar.xyz, zaigar.online and zaigar.net (hereinafter "Portal"), as the name ZAIGAR that it offers to its USERS.

1) Any person, whether physical or legal, except those residing in the United States, hereinafter referred to as USER, who intends to use the services of ZAIGAR, shall accept the Terms of Use and all other policies and principles governing them.

2) THE ACCEPTANCE OF THESE TERMS AND GENERAL CONDITIONS ARE INDISPENSABLE TO THE USE OF THE SITES AND SERVICES PROVIDED BY ZAIGAR. The USER should read, make sure that he/she understands and accepts all the provisions established in the Terms and Conditions and in the Privacy Policy, so that his/her registration is successful.


3) ZAIGAR services will be available to all persons, except those residing in the USA.

4) The USER comits to provide and control their personal data in a true and accurate manner, and to update them whenever any changes occur.

5) By registering and using the services available on the site you agree to the terms of service and the privacy policy of the site, all your information will be granted for internal use of the platform, will not be passed on to any third party. ONLY one account per person will be allowed, if you create multiple accounts, you may have all accounts banned, VPNs are expressly prohibited. The registration on the platform is free, and always will be, it is stressed that the user does not need to pay any fees on their earnings to the Zaigar platform.

6) Zaigar is not responsible for the veracity of the information provided by its USERS, being their sole responsibility for its content, because the platform is an environment of interaction between users, in addition to providing services.

8) The USER will access his account through a login and password, committing himself not to inform this data to third parties, being fully responsible for the use made of them.

9) The USER undertakes to notify Zaigar immediately, by means of communication in which the receipt is received regarding any unauthorized use of his account, as well as unauthorized access by third parties to it. The USER will be solely responsible for the operations performed on his account, since the access to it will only be possible through the personal password of the USER.


10) Zaigar is a website that aims to promote the interaction between blockchain users and companies.

11) Our platform is an environment where anyone (except the US) can do micro tasks and can be rewarded in the future with cryptocurrencies.

12) Zaigar has no employment relationship with any user, we do not promise recurring earnings and there will be no obligation for the user to participate in the campaigns posted on the Zaigar website in all their respective domains.

13) Zaigar has no responsibility whatsover, if the user receives his payment and does not pay his due taxes.

14) We have the right to add or remove, any term of use, and privacy policy, at any time without notice.

15) We have no link with the ICOs, we only provide services, if you have any questions about the project, we ask that you contact the ICOs developers.

16) To improve the user experience, cookies will be collected and will not be passed on to any third party

17) Payments will be made in crypto-coins, for this reason it is important to link your Zaigar account to your wallets. All values that are shown on the campaign page may change, which values are priced at ICO "Initial Currency Offer" amount.

18) It is important to note that the Crypto market is volatile, so the values in relation to the currency, Ethereum/Bitcoin or any other more liquid currency nomenclature may be higher or lower, depending on the current quotation, the value decision rest on the Marketplace.

19) Payments and products are the solely responsibility of the company that is performing the ICO.

20) The USERS do not have permanence attachment with the services rendered, being able, therefore, to cancel them at any time.

21) At any time, Zaigar may, in its sole discretion, suspend or interrupt for an indefinite period the services provided to the USER in cases of suspected fraud, based on complaints of any kind, judicial and/or extrajudicial notifications, in proceedings of any kind.

22) Zaigar shall not be liable for any damage, lost or loss suffered by the USER due to failures in the internet, in the system or in the server used, resulting from third-party conduct, fortuitous event or force majeure. Zaigar also will not be responsible for any virus that attacks the USER's equipment due to access, use or navigation on the internet or due to transfers of data, files, images and texts

23) Zaigar is not responsible if you invest in any project that is being presented.


24) These General Terms and Conditions do not generate any company, mandate, franchise or employment relationship agreement between Zaigar and the USER.

25) The USER acknowledges that Zaigar is not a party to any transaction made between USERS, nor does it have any control over the quality, safety or legality of the products or services announced by the USERS, regarding the accuracy or correctness of the announcements made by the USERS.

26) The content of this instrument may be freely modified by Zaigar through electronic communication to USERS, with the new terms becoming valid from the date they are posted on the site, reserving to the USER the right to remain registered or simply request your exclusion.

29) The court of law Brazil, with waiver of any other, however privileged it may be, is elected, in order to resolve any doubts and resolve the conflicts arising from this agreement, except USERS who fit the legal concept of consumer and opt for the legal prerogative.